Rev. Freddie Steel Sr.  Circa 1954 Tent Revival • West Virginia

Revival ERA  

Pastors Freddie and Mary Gaye bring a rich, Southern Pentecostal heritage to their Ministry at Mercy Gate.  Both were raised in the Revival Era that sparked in the South and swept across this Nation, and were raised with an appreciation for their parents close affiliation with and connection to great men and women of God of that era such as Oral Roberts, A. A. Allen, Jack Coe, William Branham, Gordon Lindsey and many others. Both of their parents were well known church planters throughout the region.  

Freddie's late father, Evangelist|Pastor Freddie Steel Sr., came from Virginia Beach where he had planted churches and held revivals during the great healing movement that boomed in the early 1940's.  To this day, the church he planted in Virginia Beach is still vibrant and growing, and was one of the first Pentecostal churches established in that Tidewater area of Virginia.  It still stands at 15th and Baltic in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Back in the day, revivals could last for several weeks and Pastor Steel Sr.'s were no exception. He brought the Gospel to Appalachia any way He could - radio, tv, tent meetings, street meetings; the list goes on.   

It was during Rev. Steel Sr.’s revivals that both of Mary Gaye’s Parents came to faith in Jesus, before they had even met one other!  Her Mother, Thelma Williamson, began singing in Reverend Steel’s revivals and on his radio|tv programs while a teenage girl.

Not long after, Joe and Thelma married and had children. Their entire family had been given a unique grace for music and would also sing and minister in these revivals. At about age ten, Mary Gaye remembers being present and singing for the taping of one of the tv programs. Near the end of the taping, Reverend Steel walked past Mary Gaye, placed his hand on her head and spoke a blessing over her life, never realizing that he had just given a paternal and pastoral blessing to his future daughter-in-law. 


Freddie started his evangelistic ministry as a teenager and has witnessed incredible moves of the Spirit in His own revivals.  Many of them would last up to six or seven weeks and are remembered by Pastors, the Country over, to be some of the most impacting their churches have ever experienced.

Through the years Freddie and Mary Gaye have Pastored in West Virginia, North Carolina, and the greater Chicagoland area.  They have Evangelized across the country, served as board members in theological education, have ministered on global platforms, and have been blessed to form lasting relationships with influential Pastors spanning the world over. 

The years spent in the South saturated and fed their Spirit with a truly unique understanding of a different spiritual era that they bridge to this generation.