We forgive, because we have been forgiven.  We don't get caught up in church politics, rules, and regulations.  



Mercy Gate is a Charismatic Church.  We're all about a deep, Spirit-orchestrated Worship encounter and the relevant application of God's Word.  



We believe that every person has value and that every stage of life has a purpose.  MG strives to help cultivate the Spiritual Gifts in others and to equip them for personal, corporate, and relational growth in spreading the love of Christ.  We work hard to honor those before us and inspire the ones behind us.



A giving heart. That is what we strive for.  We give our lives completely to the Lord, God, Almighty.  We give second chances and forgiveness.  We give our trust to one another.   We give helping hands and caring hearts.  We understand the blessings involved with giving in tithes and offerings.  We give much, because we have been given even more.  



Make disciple's of all nations. Mercy Gate is a place of learning and leading. We build lives with the Word and help mold their purpose in the Kingdom by regularly speaking to their leadership needs.    


zero Judgement 

Mercy Gate is a family.  We are a warm and welcoming faith community.  You will find intentional care, love and interest from your very first visit.  Our family seeks to see the good in all rather than the bad.  



We take seriously honoring God's Word by the way we live our lives.  We function as a body, and follow the New Testament model of Church|Kingdom Government - meaning, that any important decisions are made by the entire body who seek the will of God and His direction. 

Where the Spirit of the Lord is - there is freedom
— 2 Corinthians 3:17